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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 3, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the markets are up today and neil cavuto has all that beginning now. >> neil: thank you, shepard. we're also awaiting a news conference by law enforcement officials on the las vegas shooting. when it begins, we'll have it live. you touched on the winning market day. just an update. fifth day in the row. if the markets are supposed to be skiddish about this attack and concerns about north korea and about tax policy in washington, they have a funny way of showing it. the fact of the matter is, that is good enough for a record. a lot of the hotel and casino stocks got hit yesterday, oddly enough some but not all coming back today. now to las vegas.
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trace gallagher, we're finding out about the guy and what he was up to. to you. >> interestingly when this news conference starts in a few minutes, we'll find out about why they're back in the house in mesquite about 75 miles northeast of there looking for more evidence. we know they pulled out at least 19 weapons, explosives, electronics and computer hard drives. now they're back at the scene. one of the big overlying questions, was stephen paddock looking for a bigger, more elaborate attack or different attack altogether. we mentioned the 23 weapons in his mandalay bay hotel room and along with thousands and thousands of ammunition. we're hearing that they found ammonium nitrate parked by the valet at the mandalay bay. you think about tim mcveigh and the oklahoma city bombing. we're getting new pictures of the weapons themselves.
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we know stephen paddock has bought dozens of weapons in nevada and utah. the way it works in nevada, you can buy as in weapons as you want. there's no waiting period and they don't have to be registered. there's a law against automatic weapons in this state and there's a way around it. it's called the bump stop. they found in the hotel room multiple weapons that were equipped with this bump stop. it replaces the shoulder rest of the weapon and it still in essence fires one bullet at a time and allows the trigger to be pulled automatically and unleash 400 to 800 rounds a minute. you're talking about a guy with thousands and thousands of rounds. the shooting lasted 10 or 11 minutes. experts say he could have been firing down for hours with all the ammunition he had. if you go back to the house in
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reno, nevada. we're waiting for information about what they found in that house. so far until last night's press conference, they had not discovered anything inside. so it will be interested to find out what was going on there. also finding out more about the money trail here. we have confirmed that stephen paddock did send tens of thousands of dollars over seas to the philippines, likely to his girlfriend prior to this attack happening. so there's a lot of information coming out now about the shooter, about the plan, even one report that he rented various condominiums that overlooked a venue in downtown las vegas for a concert that was held there about ten days ago. police are going to be asked a flurry of questions about what the intent was there and if there was a more wider or bigger intent to use not just weapons but explosives in the attack on the concert three nights ago. neil?
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>> neil: trace gallagher, great reporting. thank you. now to ted williams from d.c. a detective. there's video made available showing the outside of the assailants room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. that raises questions about how he barricaded himself in there and set up this duel shooting zone where he was loaded for bear. we're told at least 23 firearms just in that hotel room. you heard about the bump stock devices that would convert these weapons. what do you make of just that? >> well, neil, it tells us that this guy was hell-bent on carrying out this carnage that he carried out. from what i've been told is that he didn't take maid service in the room, so that allowed and permitted him the time that he needed to set up his operation of these various guns.
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and when we -- there's been this big question about the 23 weapons and how would he have gotten them in the hotel. well, he was in the hotel at least for three days. during the course of those three days, it is not unusual for him to come and go. i think one of the things law enforcement are clearly looking at, neil, the videos. they're trying to be able to backtrack every step that he guy, paddock, made. >> neil: yeah. apparently part of that is to look at the security cameras. one thing i know about casinos, they're very good policing you if you're trying to cheat at cards. they have cameras everywhere. they're not prepared for this. the fact of the matter is, cameras are everywhere. they'll spot his movements. i'm told people always carry stuff up to their room. camera crews come and go.
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nobody looks twice at them. so what would you be looking for if you could retrieve a lot of this surveillance footage? what are you looking for? >> i'm looking for one of the things is what are any accomplices. we want to find out how he arrived at the hotel. we know that they did in fact and have found his automobile. there's ammonium nitrate as well as fertilizer in that vehicle from what we've been told. as trace just mentioned, that's very interesting, neil. because that tells me that he may have had bigger plans. we all know what happened at the alpha murrah building in oklahoma with timothy mcveigh. >> neil: before we were chatting, what do you make of the fact that -- these are the reports you're getting but they seem reliable, that he had video
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cameras in the room itself, different angles to videotape the outside and the inside, some even on the outside of the door to videotape if police or authorities were coming close to the room. but he was videotaping himself in action. >> you know, it tells me that this may have been part of a greater plan. when you look at and you take the ammonium nitrite and the video cameras and everything, this is a guy that may very well wanted to go out suicide by cop or he may very well wanted to get the notoriety in depth that unfortunately he's getting now. >> neil: i did want to get a take, psychologically his brother remarked yesterday that maybe the guy just snapped. there's nothing here to indicate to me and you know these profiles, they draw up people that do this sort of thing.
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if he snapped, he was snapped over an extended period of time. he arrived last thursday at the hotel. that was before day one of this country concert. he was there for the third and final day in roughly the last hour of that concert before he made his attack. he had broken and shattered two rooms of the -- two windows in that two bedroom suite. so this seemed to be well-planned. not the act of a sudden fit of rage. >> this is absolutely as far as i'm can see not an act of immediate rage. this guy had the plot and planned this over a period of time, neil. we know that he rented that hotel room, he wound up bringing these 23 weapons in and from what i understand, they were brought in in ten different bags over a period of time. he's in that hotel room. he has this hammer that would break the windows in that hotel because neil, it isn't easy to
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break a window in a hotel. >> neil: i know. he did it with a hammer. even that would be very difficult to do. whatever. >> it's part of the plan. >> neil: i hear you. one other thing i wanted to pursue with you and this idea that he was sighting this crowd or targeting this crowd at this country concert, might not have anything to do with this crowd. just that it was a crowd and that was the target to take out as many people as possible. of course, a lot we don't know. maybe the authorities do from internet musing or rants on websites. none have come to light thus far. they might still. what do you think of that? that this might have just been indiscriminate in that sense to go for as many people as possible and where they're congregating and in this case across the street? >> i think you're slightly right. i don't care who that crowd was or what that crowd was about. i think he was hell-bent on just taking out as many individuals
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unfortunately that as he could. neil, i think one of the things that we need to look at more than anything else, he's dead. but guess who is alive? his girlfriend. she lived in that house with him, neil. if you lived in that house with him under these circumstances of having not only these 23 weapons that were found at the hotel but 19 that were found at the home and everything. this woman, i believe, is the clue. she has, i believe, a wealth of knowledge of what he was going through. if i was law enforcement, i would not only be talking to this woman, i would be talking to her friends. because if she had any problems with this guy, she probably may have talked to some of her friends about it. >> neil: yeah, we don't know if she was the recipient but we know he was wiring tens of thousands of dollars to someone in the philippines. tracing that money will be crucial, right?
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>> very crucial. and what was the motive for mailing that money to philippines. we know she, he's girlfriend, the live-in girlfriend, marilou danley is from philippines. it's my understanding that she's on her way back from tokyo. i'm sure that law enforcement will meet her. they're going to do a clean examination of her because again, he's dead. she's here. she may very well be the catalyst, being able to establish what his motive was. >> neil: all right. well, you live up to your reputation, ted. you're good at this stuff. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> neil: ted williams. this press conference is delayed a little bit. we'll be going to that. this is las vegas officials commenting what they learned, including report that the a salient might have been wiring tens of thousands to someone in the philippines, presumably his
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girlfriend or whoever it was that lived with him in this mesquite condominium. just talking to her, finding out about it and what she knew about him will be very crucial. meantime, some inspiring news out of that area. we told you about people that waited better than five hours to provide blood for those injured and needing it in the area. if that wasn't enough, reports of multiple fund raisers are kicking off and raising so much money is ridiculous. this is the guy that kicked it off. he wrote out a check for $400,000 and he says he's not done. he joins us now. steve, thanks for joining us. >> neil, thank you for having me. >> neil: what do you make of what has happened and the impact it will have on your town? >> well, look,'s been in the business for more than 30 years,
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decades. i seen a town that has come together like i have never seen before. it used to be us folks on the strip that would hang out together and run our businesses and create this wonderful tourist economy. but we have doctors, lawyers, nurses, everyone coming together. folks that are donating blood. we have too much blood so we have to wait a couple more days. it's just absolutely tremendous the outpouring of love and hope and peace that we have coming together. >> neil: you're right. it doesn't surprise me. any minute we'll be interrupted by this press conference. but i want your thoughts about should police get into casinos, wand check them, that sort of thing. what do you think of that? >> you know, being in the business and an expert, i don't know that it's going to solve the problem. maybe you can scan luggage like
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they do in israel. you know, i think this community does an unbelievable effort to first responders, the police, the fire department and the security departments in every hotel really have their act together at watching who is coming in and out. this is a random act of heinous violence. i don't know if there is a way to protect this other than maybe new gun laws. >> neil: the other thing i thought of, too, whether people get nervous about coming to las vegas. not so much for indoor events, but there's so many outdoor events there. you worry about that, that it's going to put a chill on tourism, activity. at least in the near term there. what do you tell folks that want to visit that might be skiddish now listening to this? >> this is no different than going to the giants game in new york. no different than going to the packers game in green bay. this is the same thing. you can't be afraid. we have to stand up to this
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heinous violence in a different way. i would ask our officials if they're too afraid to have this conversation, then step aside and let those step in to have the conversation. that's the only way we're going to cure this. >> neil: the conversation being what? to reign in on guns? >> to reign in on insane guns. i'm all for guns. but the automatic weapons, 42 or 45 weapons where you can shoot a thousand rounds? come on. that's a little bit insane. this can happen anywhere in the united states. our country is notorious for this and we need to have this conversation. we need people that will have this conversation. we can't have people -- i was very involved in passing a gun check law in this state. the attorney general
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unfortunately shot it down. and the voters passed it. the voters want this. i think there's a bipartisan effort to get this done of people, of like minds, on both sides that can have a thoughtful discussion to make some difference here. >> neil: i think your point was and part of the point when this was going on, you were not saying you're anti-gun but anti-crazy multiple guns, automatic kind of weapons that, you know, let's say for example hunters or sportsmen wouldn't need. >> neil, i had a ccw myself. i'm all for it. i talked to my friends that like to hunt. they agree with me, too. this is insanity. enough is enough. >> neil: you draw the line that some of these other rapid-fire machine guns-type weapons that hunters wouldn't need is just what you're saying, right? >> exactly. i heard that some of these
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weapons were changed to make them rapid fire. they were modified. so that's got to stop, too. so enough is enough. that's -- it's not a campaign. it's about us collectively, a bipartisan effort, sitting down for those that want to have the discussion. it's got to happen. if this isn't telling enough. so i don't know what more to say other than the first responders were great. our community blows my mind. i'm standing here on the site, neil. i see a lipstick case on the ground. i see two pairs of shoes on the ground from those that fleed this scene. makes you want to cry. it is just heart breaking. at the same time, this community is heart-warming. that's what las vegas is about. we take care of people.
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we are the land of hospitality. we're the international land of hospitality. so we've seen this in other places around the world. we will recover. you're all going to come to las vegas and have fun. this is where we all have fun. i don't think anything will change. >> neil: it's a great city. no denying that. don't get me started on your breakfast buffet. i did want to step back and get a sense of what you think happened among your colleagues, some of the other casino owners and operators that probably are thinking we have to beef up security, check luggage. you said it was impractical. maybe the city will establish tougher ordinances to that effect. you seem to think that would be a overreaction, a mistake. is that where you're coming from? >> being in the business a long, long time. i think it's an overreaction.
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i can tell you that my friend, mr. wynn, mr. addleson, they have the best of the best security teams. >> neil: thank you. i don't mean to jump in, but authorities are now are beginning to speak. stephen was referring to fellow casino operators in las vegas and they're reaction. let's get local reaction. >> good afternoon, everybody. i'm sheriff joe lombardo. a little different orchestration in this press conference as compared to the rest. what i'm going to do right now, i think it's important that we address the victim issues we're experiencing and the resource issues that we're experiencing. so i'm going to key on that, on the original portion of this and subsequently commissioner
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scissilac will pro filed some information and then i'll come back to the podium and address the overall investigation, where we stand and where we're going. reference to the investigation piece, i don't want to repeat what i experienced yesterday. it's an on going investigation. i'll be limited in the details i provide you. hopefully we can get through this with some decorum. so please don't rush me. when we get to the question phase, i'll identify you if you raise your hand. sound fair? all right. we'll get through this. so the matter of formality, our matter has worked through the night to identify the victim of sunday evening's mass shooting at the route 91 harvest festival. we have identified all but three victims. we still have an active scene at the grounds near mandalay bay. so we ask anyone to stay away from that area until further notice.
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the fbi is working diligently to clear that scene. so the question is, the fbi versus us. we have partners with the fbi from the very beginning of this the ininvestigative phase. the fbi has brought a large amount of resources out of washington d.c. to assist us with that. the reason why the harvest festival is still in continuation of investigation is not only solely related to the removal of the victims but documentation of the scene. so we're using the best practice technology to document the scene. that's why it's taking a longer period of time associated with this. we asked for everybody's patience. as far as las vegas boulevard north and south, we anticipate to be open shortly in the next few hours to benefit with commerce and what we do as a
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community. all right. the key component is resource and victim identification. the important piece is if you missed a number we're putting up on the next hour the listing of all numbers i shall provide you today and for people out in the public to contact us if they're looking this or they don't see this broadcast. we're asking for anyone that might have information about the shooting in a criminal capacity or is a victim to contact us via 311. if you're out of state, if you have left since the shooting and you discovered -- you feel you've been a victim or realize you have an injury associated to it, we're still asking you to
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contact us but the out of state number will be 702-828-3111. if you're local additionally and you have the ability to respond to a local substation, working police substation, local you're familiar with, you have ability to file a report at that location. the family reunification. all that is occurring at the family resource center on paradise road. you can go there to foil a missing person report, you can go there to have contact with the coroner's office or get answers. the phone number if you have left the area is 1-866-535-5654.
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wet went through a short process where that number was down, we provided a separate number but we will go back to that original number because we have the technical aspects of that fixed. i want to be clear on the difference. if you're reporting a crime on feel you're a victim of a crime, 311 is your outlet or a local police substation. if you're looking for victim information or family reunification, the family resource center on paradise road is your point of contact. now personal property. we were getting several questions from yesterday and continuing today, people attempting to recover their personal property from the route 91 scene. we're working out the details of that. we're in the planning phase of
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that. we'll have an answer in the next couple hours. so will have an answer to that. probably before we have another press conference. so we are working diligently to get individual whose left personal property at the scene back to them as soon as possible. i anticipate it will not take place at the route 91 location. i don't want to give you furtherance of clarification at this point. you will be provided that. the other issue is donations. you can imagine the outpouring of support from private citizens, corporations and everybody else associated with concern for the victims is overwhelmin overwhelming. we appreciate that. there's a point that we can't manage it. the red cross is unable to manage it. we're unable to manage it at the
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substations. so it's hard goods such as water, canned goods, stuff that is not -- will not become perishable, three square and catholic charities are accepting the donations. we're asking you to provide that information to your listening public and to accept donations at that point. so the areas of -- let me give you the addresses. catholic charities is at 1501 las vegas boulevard north. and three square is located at 4190 north pecos road. at this point i will acquiesce to commissioner sisolak and he will give you an update on the donation phase of this as far as victim satisfaction and then i will return and we will conduct a q&a associated with the investigation. commissioner?
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>> thank you. we appreciate you being here today to give you an update. the fund has surpassed 53,000 individual donations in excess of $3.7 million as we speak. i want to bring especially that we need more resources, more money. we need individuals with future surgeries and so forth. i want to acknowledge a few special individuals not included in the 3.5 million. last night a private citizen contributed $500,000 to the fund. that does not include in the total this morning, wayne and kathleen newton called me and donated $100,000. that's not included. for those that want to contribute and do want to do it on go fund me, you can make a check to las vegas victim's found and mail it to my office or the sheriff's office. i just got off the phone with jim murren from mgm
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international and the sheriff and i both spoke to jim. they have stepped up with this community and everything that they continue to do. on behalf of mgm and over 50,000 employees, they have contributed $3 million to this fund. so we appreciate every one's support, the donations from $5 to $3 million and there's a lot of need. we're going to do everything we can to raise money for each of these individuals. we appreciate you continuing to encourage folks to support the campaign. it's las vegas victims either on go fund me or you can make a check to las vegas victim's fund. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> we're working through the possibility of distribution. we have some inquiries. it will be a few days before we coordinate how to distribute money. right now we're not looking at
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the minor property losses like backpacks like shoes and phones. we're looking at major expenses like surgeries, funeral expenses, transportation and so forth. we should have more details with you. we're working through the county office and the sheriff's office in terms of where people can go and distribute the money to the people that are the most desperate. thanks very much. >> okay. a quick synopsis of the investigation. i won't reiterate what we discussed yesterday or previous conferences. we have completed the investigation at the reno property. i'm sure the question will be presented of what was recovered there. so numerous electronic items. additionally five hand guns and two shotguns and a plethora of ammunition. so we have served search
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warrants at three separate locations. that would be the room at the mandalay bay, the mesquite location and the reno location. additionally we served a search warrant on the suspect's vehicle located at the mandalay bay. so i'm happy to answer any questions. yes, sir. >> can you be specific about the modifications to the weapons? there were conversions. what are we talking about here? >> the question is what are the modifications associated with the weaponry. atf is participating in that evaluation. i can't give you an answer on whether any of them are automatic or not. we're aware of a device called a bump stock. that enables an individual to speed up the discharge of ammunition. i don't want to give you anymore more details than that. in partner with the fbi, the atf, they are sending those
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weapons back east to the crime lab for further >> [question inaudible] >> yes. absolutely. >> has marilou danley give information about a motive and if so, can you tell us -- >> we don't have that information yet. i will a sure you that the investigation with her is ongoing. we anticipate some information here from her shortly. >> we have information with regards to $100,000 sent overseas. you know anything about that? >> no, ma'am, i do not. here you go, let me back up a little bit. there's a lot of information i do know. okay? it's an ongoing investigation. when i say i do not know, i may know, but -- [laughter] but as you can imagine in a criminal investigation, we want to ensure the continued safety of our community and that all
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those questions are answered and we, i assure you, this investigation is not ended with the demise of mr. paddock. >> sheriff, could you give us an update, if there is one, on the victims and the injuries and also is there any new? we've wondered if you're making progress, whether you give us specifics or not, are you making progress on a motive? >> no. i'll answer your last question first. no. we are making progress, but i don't have complete answers yet. i anticipate a substantial amount of information to come in in the next 48 hours. let me finish this. as far as the injuries, it goes across the board. coroner commented on that yesterday. we have trampled injuries, we have people trying to escape injuries of their own device. we have gunshot wounds.
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so if you're looking at total type of injuries associated with all the injuries and the people that died, it goes across the board. i can't give you a percentage associated with gunshot versus other injuries. >> [question inaudible] >> we believe the injury number has decreased slightly. when i say lightly, maybe 20. because we had a double count error occurring at one of the hospitals. but we're looking and still in close proximity of the number i provided you. >> [question inaudible] >> i can't tell you her current whereabouts right now. all i know is philippines. we are in conversation. >> is she a suspect? >> currently she's a person of interest. the girlfriend.
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>> sheriff, there are photos that show the hotel room after the swat team entered and it shows guns and ammunitions. can you verify the legitimacy of the photos and should the outlets disseminate them? >> i can't verify whether they're legitimate or not. i can tell you i'm troubled by it. we have an internal investigation occurring as we speak on how those photographs were obtained by the public. >> can you talk about what was found inside that hotel room that the gunman used? cbs news is reporting there was a camera inside that room. was the gunman recording? was the gunman transmitting that video anywhere else? >> i'm not aware of any transmission. but there was cameras. there were cameras located outside of the room and inside of the room along with the firearms.
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>> he had set up how many cameras? >> i don't know what the specific numbers are. i anticipate he was looking for anybody coming to take him in to custody. >> so you have a recording of him carrying out this carnage? >> no. that's not what i'm saying. that is being evaluated. the fbi took all digital and electronic ed into custody. we're evaluating it. >> do we know if this man was targeting this particular event or did he have in mind perhaps another event that was going to be coming up in the las vegas area as a possible target? any evidence -- >> we haven't developed that yet. i will provide you that information at a later date. >> there's a record that he may have another -- >> we're unable to confirm that.
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>> [question inaudible] >> what's the clarity? what's the clarity you're seeking? >> what time the shots rang out, what time -- >> we received the call at 10:08 p.m. the best of our estimates and video review, he continued to fire at a progressive successive rate for approximately nine minutes. as you can see by any video, you can see in the public space, it was hard to determine where they were coming from. once it was evaluated it was coming from the mandalay bay, as you can imagine how hard it would be to pinpoint the room from the outside. officers subsequently teamed up and moved over to the mandalay bay to locate and engage.
1:37 pm
that was in conjunction with the mandalay bay security. this is an opportunity for me to tell you something. the mandalay bay security was fantastic. i don't want anybody assuming that they're unsafe by staying at one of their hotels. we would not have engaged this individual in the time lapse that we did without their assistance. we received information via their dispatch center and their operations center, their call center from individuals staying within the mandalay bay that helped us locate where this individual was sequestered. hold on. so subsequently that takes time. as you can imagine, moving from the location of the event, deciding whether you're going to help victims evacuate or decide whether you're going to take charge and put an element together and go engage this
1:38 pm
individual. so we have a lot of bifurcation of responsibilities associated, especially in a dynamic event. i want to say kudos to the officer that got together that said this is what we trained for, active shooter, putting an element together and let's engage this individual and locate them. that's what we did. when the security officer was engaged by the suspected, we backed off from immediate apprehension and swat team formed and made entry. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't have that time for you. >> >> [question inaudible] >> absolutely concerned. the world has changed. who would have ever imagined this situation. i couldn't imagine it. for this individual to take it upon himself to create this harm is inspeakable. we have to try to spitball or what if the situations at all
1:39 pm
points when we train. ensure we have proper response. we did a fantastic job. >> and mandalay bay security identified the room before the swat arrived? >> no. well, yeah. before swat arrived but not before my officers arrived. they were married or hand and hand with my officers when we made entry over to the hotel. it was a matter of -- if you recall yesterday, i said between floor 29 and 32. and during that process of evaluating the floors, we received additional information where he was located and they immediately responded. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't have that number for you. >> did he continue to shoot until the swat team came in or why did he stop shooting? >> that's for us to evaluate in the investigation. >> and bodied were scattered throughout the venue or in one particular area? >> they were throughout the
1:40 pm
venue. they had some victims that met their demise outside of the venue and individuals that had been shot and they continued to run away and then they passed away several blocks from the venue. we also had heroic acts of people attending the act. numerous videos of normal citizens providing medical aid and transportation to get victims to the hospital. >> and the point of the cameras set up in the room. i'm sorry if i'm interpreting this wrongly. sounds like he set them up to give the warning of the police officers. if that is indeed in the case -- i know you don't want to get in the mind of a mad man but how would you judge this man's preparation and preparation to do this? >> i don't even need that bit of
1:41 pm
information to make a judgment. this individual was pre meditm d premeditated. the amount of weaponry and the type of weaponry in the room, it was preplanned and he evaluated all of his actions, which is troublesome. i was hoping -- i pray in these situations that a citizen -- we can't be in all places at all times. that a citizen sees something and says something. quite often what we experience, a citizen thinks it's trivial and say i don't want to bothter police. bother the police. cab drivers, housekeeping, anybody in the public space that can assist us we ask them to. >> did you have any knowledge -- >> back there. >> and the police or the security guard fire any shots
1:42 pm
during the encounter? >> while he was discharging his weapons? we're not aware of that. no security guard or police other than the encounter at the room. >> can you say on what went right? i know you practice for scenarios like this. can you expand on what went right -- >> i'm glad you asked that, ricardo. obviously people have the assumption things went wrong in this type of carnage. what went wrong, we saved hundreds of lives. at an event -- this guy had an ability with though weaponry, the carnage that could have occurred outside of what did occur, a lot more was presented because of our police action in short time and private security action in short time to save some lice. >> yesterday you said there were hotel staff inside that room during his stay. is it believed that he turned
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away housekeeping? >> the only thing i know is room service was provided. >> sheriff, can i ask you about the motive? you believe you're going to find the motive for this crime? >> i absolutely believe that. >> did you know where the girlfriend is? >> yes, i do. >> why is fbi not trying to bring her back immediately? >> how do you know that's not occurring. >> that's what i'm asking. >> that is occurring. yes, ma'am. >> how are you and your investigators doing? >> i'm so glad you asked that. i'm not being sarcastic. we're doing good. i very proud of our people. this guy here at the locals, aaron rouse in charge of the fbi, it's important. greg cassel talked about this. this jurisdiction has the best
1:44 pm
partnerships i believe in the united states as far as public safety. we would not be able to accomplish what we did as you described in the last 48 hours without that partnership. the fbi stepped up to the plate to help us with the evidence documentation and prosecution. the fire department -- he didn't do a good job describing it yesterday, greg. the fire department in our jurisdiction marries with a police officer during a critical incident. i beg you to find such robust type operation in the rest of the united states. quite often what you observe in the public space is the fire department will wait until it's secured by public safety before aid is rendered. our primary mission is aid. the safety of the public. they took it upon themselves to train with us, to marry with us and to go into the frey to assist the victims. if you look at the video, you see individuals with helmets on
1:45 pm
and vests on. those are firefighters standing next to us. i think it's very important for you to ask that question. it's very important for me to convey the answer. the next 48 hours we'll tell. we've gone into incident management mode. so in other words, people have to get sleep and nourished and -- because we don't want to make any mistakes in the investigation. >> do you have any indication what the suspect was doing in the days leading? gambling? eati eating? >> we do have some information. i can't say at this point. there's the guy was talking about. get him on camera. yes, ma'am. >> have you been in communication with the authorities on the whereabouts of mrs. danley? >> yes, we have. >> couple questions. >> before we get too long and
1:46 pm
contracted in this press interview, i'll answer your questions, ken, answer a couple additional more. i want acknowledgement of the people standing behind me. it's our congressional delegation and our other public safety officials. it's very hard for them to conduct federal government and local government while they're standing behind me. it's important for you to realize their community support. they want to be there amongst everything they do to ensure to that people understand we're bringing all resources to this to bear to meet success. go ahead. >> the first is to button up the cameras question. there's a report that he had a camera on a service cart in the hallway and the security guard -- >> i tell you what, i wish i had some of you on my investigative teams. it's amazing the information that you come up with. yes, one was on a service cart.
1:47 pm
>> you talked about motive. you talked about premeditation. you want to learn what -- why he did what he did. videos. can you tell us the number of interviews you'll have to do to do that. you talked about cameras, videos, computers. who did he last talk to? >> i'll give you a global answer on that. yes to everything you said. yes, we're evaluating all that. the numbers changing. it's fluid on the number of videos we're evaluated. just body camera videos, we had over 67 we evaluated. so you say well, you had more officers at the event. only had 67? no. not all officers are assigned cameras because they're in plain clothes. when they take on the role of special events, overtime, we don't require them to wear body
1:48 pm
cameras. so we're evaluating the cameras as we speak. we have 90% of that done. then we have all of the common public space cameras that we're evaluating. i can't remember the rest of your question. >> also talked about the computers and his cameras. >> so a lot of this you're probably saying, well, jeez, sheriff, it's 2017. how comes it takes so long to evaluate that? because it's evidentiary. there's criminal defense attorneys out there and there's this things called the constitution. we have to ensure we're abiding by that and we ensure that -- i don't know if we have possible future prosecution. you heard me say that we're comfortable that we have the suspect in custody. something more may come of that investigation. i want to understand the motivation that you describe to prevent any future incidents.
1:49 pm
you know, did this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us. >> the congressional support include the congress -- >> that's not for this forum. that's a long discussion there. not for this forum. >> with regard to the president's visit, he will come together. any security measurements that you can tell us about? how long will he be here? i also know that it's been reported that you will meet with the -- >> i'm the only sheriff. >> and the mayor and the governor. can you -- >> you're correct in who he is visiting. it's a matter of secrecy an
1:50 pm
operations security that i can't give you his travel plans. that will be provided in close proximity of his arrival. >> any information if he will visit the hospital or the victims -- >> ma'am, i can't answer that question because of operational security. as you know, you have the resources to determine that upon his arrival. i can't speak to what his agenda is. what i can tell you on part of your question, what is normal protocol when the president or the vice president or anybody of dignitary space of that equality, we ensure of their safety by joining forces basically. takes a great deal of resources to ensure the safety of the president. we will provide that because of our public cooperation through the nhp, north las vegas, henderson, boulder city.
1:51 pm
you can imagine all the people that will come to bear. an important piece on that, the president is visiting. route 91 investigation. if you recall, we're a police department. we have over 3.3 million calls a year that we deal with. we have to continue with our investigations, our response and normal police business in other words to be successful. so i ask your cooperation and don't get frustrated if i don't have a press conference every five minutes because i have a job to do and my folks have a job to do. i want to thank everybody for attending today and hopefully, hopefully as a result of your attendance and your broadcast, this investigation will be not as long as i want it to be. >> you been very transparent -- >> can you say that again? say it again. please. say it again. >> as a local reporter, you've
1:52 pm
been very transparent in metro deescalation tactics. there was talk of a very delayed response on trying to make entry. can you talk about the decision and the entry to paddock's hotel room? >> i will not disparage another police department's response. i will tell you that we learn from what other people do. everything we do on a critical incident is based on a self-evaluation. as a result of what occurred in columbine, what occurred in sacramento, what occurred in boston, what occurred at the pulse nightclub, police response has changed. by the fact that the fire department is standing with us is monumental. so we have found it's better instead of securing the perimeter and hoping the person doesn't continue to do acts of carnage associated with their
1:53 pm
actions, that even a small police response will stop the suspect's actions. so to answer your question in reference to mandalay bay, that training, we were listening and we were paying attention. officers on their own without direction of a supervisor knew what they had to do. they came together, formed a team, made a response. they didn't wait on swat. okay? they said we have to stop. it's easy to say, we'll wait on swat or the experts and tactical intrusion. our officers took it upon themselves to act. >> did the officers make entry? >> no. they evaluated floor by floor of the space between 29 and 32 where the suspect was. they formed security. they evacuated rooms. by unfortunate acts of the
1:54 pm
suspect, the security guard was engaged during that process. >> was the security guard with officers or was he alone -- >> he was acting independently. he got separated from our team. >> sheriff, yesterday you said the girlfriend is in philippines. >> i'm comfortable saying she's in philippines. you know what? just so i'm not giving you bad info. >> i wasn't implying that. she was traveling. so subsequently we determined her location. i'm sorry. you have to give me some deference. i'm currently done answering questions. okay? i want to thank you. carla, do we have any idea on the next conference time? >> i'd say 5:00. >> hold on. that's not gospel.
1:55 pm
okay? she hasn't talked to me yet. i put her on the spot. we'll anticipate 5:00. thank you. >> thank you, sheriff. >> neil: all right. a couple of startling take-aways from that press conference. all by 53 victims have been identified from the attack. many far from the scene, many staggered out after they were shot and died in the perimeter. the kill zone as it's been called. what is interesting as well marilou danley identified as the shooter's girlfriend. she's a person of interest. cited as a person of interest here and what she might or might not know about funds that were wired to someone in the philippines. she would be the most likely according to authorities. tens of thousands of dollars is the early read on this from the former new york police
1:56 pm
commissioner. howard, as you told me yesterday, they're beginning to dot some ts and cross some is and getting in the head of the killer and what might have motivated him and the wiring of money back and forth. your quick read of what you just heard. >> i think from what the sheriff said, think through there's some indication here that the person of interest, this female may have had some participation in this. he didn't say that. we have a long way to go before we know what the motivation is and what her involvement is. seems to me that either this person was a total lunatic or there were a lot of preparation and a lot of planning here to cause as much casualties as possible. so you know, it's going to be awhile before we actually know anything. >> neil: another thing we're learning and this is federal investigators talking to fox news, this woman, paddock's
1:57 pm
girlfriend, some of her relatives found paddock to be unstable and they were getting uncomfortable with him. that fits a pattern that we talked about in the past, that someone is about to commit a crime. before that is exhibiting behavior that is obviously atypical but in this case more than that. what do you try to piece together before the event? >> you know, if this individual possesses 30 or 40 long rifles and numerous handguns and there were people interacting with him at his residences and viewed him as unstable, it's just amazing that nobody reported it to the police. >> neil: you know, you're right about that. you always hear after the fact. if only, if only. from someone that knows about protecting people, you were the former new york police
1:58 pm
department commissioner, is it your sense that some of the precautions that some cities are talking with a lot of tall buildings and a small area. new york times square comes to mind, boston, las vegas. it's understandable. but can you do anything about the possibility of someone else might try to imitate this guy or do what this guy did? >> you can't cover all bases. if you think about what happened after 9-11, you used to walk into any office building in this city unimpeded. now you go there a magnetometers. i saw it at the mgm grand this morning. they started looking through luggage and wanding people with metal detectors, this is the new normal. as we discussed yesterday, until we get a handle on dealing with registering guns and having people be responsible for their firearms, not taking them away,
1:59 pm
but having people be responsible with them so we know where they are, who has them and what should not have them, we're going to have something like this again unfortunately, neil. >> neil: meantime, we're getting reports as well that paddock wasn't only sending a little bit of money to the philippines but in excess of $100,000. we're told he had wealth through real estate. what are you trying to find out about that wired money if it wasn't going to the girlfriend? >> you want to find out what the purpose of it is, where the money came from. you know, what i'm sure the fbi is doing right now is looking at every person that he or his family or this woman came in contact with to see if there are any ties to any terrorist organizations, to any organized crime organizations. may turn out he's a lunatic but sounds too well-planned to me. >> neil: howard safir, the former new york city police commissioner. joining us via skype. two quick take-aways, all but 53
2:00 pm
have been identified. better than 150 still being treated. about half of those in critical condition. "the five" is now. >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana, it is at 5:00 in new york city, and at this "the five" ." the las vegas police department had just wrapping up a press conference, the sheriff saying they still don't have a motive, with the investigation is still very much ongoing. they have collected 19 firearms come along with explosives, several thousand rounds of ammunition, and electronic devices, including several pounds of ammonium nitrate found in his car. the sheriff is clearly getting frustrated over video and images that have been leaks. one of those images you see


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